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    Altar Vortex

    Visual magic ✨ exploration of raw unposed feminine sexuality

    Raw | Film

    Shot entirely on analogue film by award-winning photographer James Looker


    Sacred feminine self pleasure explored in a safe ritual space.

    Conscious Erotica

    All images and art are contained within printed pages only, coming 2021

    Conscious Erotica

    Conscious Erotica

    Weaving energetic magic through layers of erotic pleasure


    Art book
    1000 limited edition signed & numbered copies printed.
    Exclusively by email purchase invite only.

    Stay tuned for Vol.1 launch coming 2023.

    "This is the second shoot I’ve done for this project and I’m super grateful and proud to be part of it. Celebrating pleasure and erotica in its authentic expression is something I’m becoming more and more passionate about. For so long we’ve been shown and taught to override our bodies, fuck hard, move fast, perform and be penetrated before our body is ready. Moving through this reality has been a journey of slowing down, re-sensitising the flesh body, allowing the stories to fall away and stepping into trust." - Sarah

    "When I come into my body, the presence of who I am here and now, I it feels to be touched, how my breath sounds, how my joy feels in my body as it tingles or vibrates on my skin, how my skin feels soft, tender, rough, luscious...and I just want to grab more of myself, hear more of my own sound...ravish myself, my ass and my mouth, my lips...and just bite and enjoy the sweet nectar of my own juice."