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I’m James.

I’ve been photographing women for over 20 years, initiated by taking 35mm film portraits of my best friend whilst in high school, exploring her sensuality. I’ve pursued just about every genre of photography since and come full circle returning to my love of a conscious connected approach to intimate erotica and exploring sexuality.

My vision for this project has evolved to a very simple one: explore conscious erotica of awesome humans that identify as women, in a self pleasure ritual-like setting and shot entirely on analogue film. Setting a magical safe space and allowing for things to naturally unfold for each participant without expectations or outcome.

My focus is to produce my dream of a beautiful limited edition collectors book series and prints. A dedication and reverence for the incredible women who have allowed me to photograph them at their most intimate. 

Vol I. & II. will be released in 2023.

I am beyond excited to share it with everyone in a magical real life form that will be treasured forever. 

. James .