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Altar Vortex Experience

A ritual space is created for you to be truly witnessed with a voyeuristic insight into your deepest pleasure and sacred inner world.

All photos are un-posed, natural, raw, un-photoshopped, real, with no modelling, no directing and no camera crew. They unfold naturally through each partipant connecting with themselves, touch, feel, explore, play, entice, arouse. I don’t tell you what to do or how to look, and at no time is there a need to look at the camera, this is not really a photoshoot and the images are not the focus of the outcome. Some people just close their eyes and get lost in music, feelings and pleasure. Every thing is welcomed - sounds, messy looks, uncomfortable vulnerability, bodily fluids, moans, groans, tears and emotional releases. 

It's strange. I can't quite describe how the magic unfolds, so I named it Altar Vortex. Most people don't even know i'm in the room after a while.


Solo. Those who identify as women.
ALL colours and ALL shapes and sizes. 21+.
More POC, age variety and body shapes welcome!

The Photography Bit.

Erotic photography and exploration of conscious sexuality. You are in control of the outcome, the depth and how you want to explore. I will never direct you unless asked, or request anything of you other than for you to be your true self. No performing. No acting. Only authentic, wild, raw and unapologetic. There is no wrong or right and your shoot may look entirely different to someone else's. Allow 3+hrs with breaks, chats, food and changes.


Most shoots take place in a safe comfortable environment that you decide upon, and is typically in your space or an airbnb.



It’s a collaboration. The shoot style is determined by exploring your desires, fantasies, pleasure, joy, magic and authenticity. Some people will involve props, rope, latex, sex toys, etc, while others may keep it simple with stockings, lingerie or lace, or an old sweater. It’s your shoot, and your exploration. For kink stuff please discuss with me prior so our expectations are clear.

Shoot Direction.

I adjust the room, the light, the space, the technical side. An intention is set beforehand in a ritual space, opening and welcoming the exploration. There is then minimal to no shoot direction unless absolutely desired by the participant, it just kind of magically unfolds, and we disappear into the secret vortex. 

Cost & Image Use

This is not a service for hire - each shoot is by application and a collaboration.

The project focus is to create the book series to showcase the uncensored work and shoots, away from social media and fast-media consumption. The book is crazy expensive to make, so all costs go towards funding it.  I've made it unusually priced so that there is no financial barrier to be involved and contribute to the book.

If you wish to have a vortex experience for the book there are no upfront costs.

You receive:
- 3hr shoot experience with James
- All film & processing costs & editing
- Full online gallery with approx 100-200 images
- 10 watermark free images for personal & business use
- Full image set, watermarked.

Optional Additional Images:

Personal Use* / Business Use**

10 Watermark Free Images P $700 / Biz $1200
20 Watermark Free Images P $1000 / Biz $2500
Full set watermark free images P $2000 / Biz $n/a

*Personal Use includes personal social media, prints,
**Business Use includes business website, instagram, and includes all blogs. Does not include any printed material or to be used for any product, event, paid-service such as onlyfans or for resale.


Current Tour Dates:

2023 (dates TBC)
Jan - Vancouver Canada
Apr - Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane
May - WA, Melbourne
June > Sep - Vancouver Canada

Christchurch, NZ
Auckland, NZ

Please see CONNECT apply